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Stefan Schimschal, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Azimuthal Imaging using Deep-directional Resistivity Measurements reveals 3D Reservoir Structure 06/03/2019
Michael Thiel, Schlumberger
A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Facies Characterization 06/02/2019
Subhadeep Sarkar, Schlumberger
Water Pressure Measurement Inside a Hydrocarbon Column 09/01/2019
Trond Rolfsvåg, Hydrophillic
Geosteering in Complex Mature Fields Through Integration of 3D Multi-Scale LWD-Data, Geomodels, Surface and Time-Lapse Seismic 05/12/2018
Frank Antonsen, Equinor
Lifting the Fog of Confusion Surrounding Total and Effective Porosity in Petrophysics
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07/11/2018 Seminar
Paul Spooner, Lloyd's Register
High Pressure Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure: unveiling its value by scrutinising and analysing disparate data sets into a single, meaningful analysis
Presentation as PDF
07/11/2018 Seminar
Izaskun Zubizarreta, Lloyd's Register
Characterization of Fluid Composition While Drilling to Aid Well Placement
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07/11/2018 Seminar
Maneesh Pisharat, Maria Cecilia Bravo, Schlumberger
Mathias Horstman, Schlumberger
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Radu Coman, Baker Hughes
The use of new LWD High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Tool to Unlock the Reservoir Potential 30/05/2018
Davide, Weatherford
Look Ahead Geosteering via Real Time Integration of Logging While Drilling Measurements with Surface Seismic
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Sergey Alyaev, IRIS
Laminated reservoirs – what can you do with pesky LWD data? 10/01/2018
David Maggs, Schlumberger
Geosteering and Mapping of Complex Reservoir Boundaries Using an Integrated Data Approach 06/12/2017
Nils Birger Selheim, Baker Hughes
Values for the Future - The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s Resource Report and Outlook
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Alexey Deryabin, NPD
Core Analysis: Getting it Right 06/09/2017
Jules Reed, Core Analysis Manager, Lloyd's Register
Gamma Ray response from Jurassic shale offshore Norway. Can the Th/K ratio indicate Provenance, or do we need mineral analysis? 07/06/2017
Dr. Carl F. Gyllenhammar, CaMa GeoScience
Integrated Approach to Diagnose Well Productivity Problem 03/05/2017
Colin Cranfield, Baker Hughes
Calibration of Anisotropic Velocity Models using Innovative Borehole Geophysical Measurements
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Rafael Guerra, Schlumberger
In the realm of resistivity based Water Saturation equations and introduction to log based Saturation uncertainty analysis 08/03/2017
Harish B. Datir, Schlumberger
Joint Interpretation of Magnetic Resonance and Resisitivity Based Fluid Volumetrics - A Framework for Petrophysical Evaluation 01/02/2017
Geoffrey Page, Baker Hughes - SPWLA Distinguished Speaker
On Error Calculation and Use of First Order Error Propagation as Integral Part of Petrophysical Calculation 11/01/2017
Stein Ottar Stalheim, Statoil
Monica Vik Constable, Statoil
Formation Testing and Sampling in Low-Mobility formations, an example of new technology Solutions
Presentation as PDF
Gavin JG Sibbald, Baker
Supercharging Assessment in Formation Pressure Measurements Made While Drilling by Deliberately Pulsed Circulation 07/09/2016
Maria Cecilia Bravo, Schlumberger
Optimized geosteering through the use of Extra Deep Resistivity and Broadband Seismic 01/06/2016
Mats Bjorndal Skaug, Total
Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs: Ensuring Consistency of Subsurface Models by Maximizing the Use of Saturation Height Models and Dynamic Data 04/05/2016
Iulian N Hulea, Shell, SPWLA Distinguished Speaker
Net Pay – Applications of NMR and Dielectric Dispersion 06/04/2016
Michel Claverie, Schlumberger
Formation Fluid Characterisation for Geosteering Application Using Advanced Mud Logging Gas Detection Tools 02/03/2016
Bacem Ben Abdallah, Geolog Surface Logging
Core Analysis in the Digital Age 03/02/2016
Stefano Pruno, Weatherford Laboratories
Evolving Petrophysics of the Overburden: A Spectroscopy Approach
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Harish B. Datir, Schlumberger
In-Situ Stress Testing with use of Wireline Formation Tester. Update on the Latest Developments 02/12/2015
Vladislav Achourov, Schlumberger
Combining wellbores with Multilateral technology ‐ a way to reduce cost
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04/11/2015 Seminar
Gorm Liland, Halliburton
Integrated Applications of Fiber-Optic Distributed Acoustic and Temperature Sensing
Presentation as PDF
04/11/2015 Seminar
Francisco Porturas, Ziebel
Resistivity Anisotropy and Formation Dip Evaluation in Vertical and Low Angle Wells Using LWD Directional Electromagnetic Measurements 13/10/2015
Mathias Horstmann (Schlumberger)
Lifting the Fog of Confusion Surrounding Clay and Shale in Petrophysics 02/09/2015
Paul Spooner, LR Senergy
Deep Shear Wave Imaging thru Casing
Presentation as PDF
Roman Mirzwinski, Baker
Evaluating Pore Space Connectivity by NMR Diffusive Coupling 06/05/2015
Giovanna Carneiro (Schlumberger-Doll Research), SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer
The Petrophysics Elephant in the Geomechanics Room 08/04/2015
Colin McPhee, Senergy Energy Services
Attenuation-Based Quantitative Cement Bond Index with LWD Sonic: A Novel Approach Applicable to all Casing and Cement Cases 04/03/2015
Marcelo Cecena, Acoustic Domain Champion, Schlumberger
Net pay Optimization and Improved Reservoir Mapping From Ultra-Deep Look Around LWD Measurements 04/02/2015
Frank Antonsen, Statoil
Extra-deep Azimuthal Resistivity Technology 07/01/2015
David Selvåg Larsen, Baker Hughes
Quantifying Bypassed Pay 03/12/2014
Amitabha Chatterjee, Schlumberger
Cement Plus Shale Bond Evaluation: The Draugen Well Abandonment Story 01/10/2014
Vanessa Mendoza Barrón, Snr. Petrophysicist, Norske Shell
A New Wireline Formation Tester – Case Studies from the Norwegian Continental Shelf 03/09/2014
Thomas Pfeiffer, Schlumberger
An approach to evaluating carbonate successions that helps to mitigate the uncertainly associated with up-scaling environmental interpretations while forging better links with electrofacies and geomodelling 08/01/2014
Quintin Davies, Senergy
A Petrophysical Potpourri 02/10/2013
Torbjörn Carlson, A/S Norske Shell
Mutipole LWD Sonic – Shear Slowness Estimation by Inversion of Borehole Quadrupole Mode 04/09/2013
Michiko Hamada, Senior Petrophysicist, Schlumberger
Data acquisition and interpretation challenges on the Johan Sverdrup Field 05/06/2013
Sven Erik Foyn, Lundin
Advances in Deep Directional Resistivity 08/05/2013
Christophe Dupuis, Schlumberger
“Diamonds in the Noise” – Treasures Lurking in Acoustic Data
Presentation as PDF
Jennifer Market, Senergy
Dielectric Measurements - New Answers to the Table 06/03/2013
Amitabha Chatterjee, Schlumberger
Neutron-Gamma Density (NGD): Principles, Field Test Results And Log Quality Control Of A Radioisotope-Free Bulk Density Measurement 06/02/2013
Nicole Reichel, Schlumberger, 2013 SPWLA Europe-based distinguished speaker
NMR: A refresher!
Presentation as PDF
Edmund Smith, Baker Hughes
Formation Evaluation in High Angle and Horizontal Wells – A New and Practical Workflow 05/12/2012
David Maggs, Schlumberger
Carbonate Petrophysics in Wells drilled with Oil Base Mud 03/10/2012
Austin Boyd, Schlumberger, SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer
Petrophysical examples from the Gjøa Field 05/09/2012
Matthew G. Reppert, GDF
The impact of biased LWD data propagated through nonbiased WL models 06/06/2012
Yngve Johansen, Statoil
Density; How it is Derived , Uncertainties and Influence on Porosity Evaluation 02/05/2012
Arve K. Thorsen, Baker Hughes
Well-Site Chemostratigraphy - Applications of inorganic element geochemistry while drilling 11/04/2012
Christian Scheibe, Halliburton - Sperry Drilling
Fluid Profiling – Reducing Subsurface Uncertainties 07/03/2012
Thomas Pfeiffer, Schlumberger
Innovative Solution for Optimising Drilling Performance and Wellbore Stability: Western Desert, Egypt 01/02/2012
Philip McCurdy, Senergy
Optimizing data acquisition program and well preparation for logging HTHP wells 04/01/2012
Arne Holvik, Statoil
Pore pressure evolution and core damage: a computational fluid dynamics approach 07/12/2011
Izaskun Zubizarreta. Senergy
NFES – 1 Day Seminar, 2011 - Petrophysics in Mature Fields – Challenge or Triviality? 02/11/2011
Applications of Accurate In-Situ Fluid Analysis in the North Sea 05/10/2011
Vladislav Achourov, Schlumberger
Seismic while drilling - Bringing new value to drilling and processing 07/09/2011
Nils Edwards, Baker Hughes
Invasion effects and characterization of LWD technology in CsK drilling fluids 01/06/2011
Arve K. Thorsen, Baker Hughes
The use of LWD Spectroscopy and Sourceless density in an Underground Gas Storage Field in Italy 04/05/2011
Marit Kongslien, Schlumberger
Formation Damage – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where 06/04/2011
Michael Byrne, Senergy
Sw - From Resistivity Logs or Core Capillary Pressure Data to a Saturation-Height Function (SHF) - a Short Review of a Few Issues Relating to Sw Estimation, QCing, and Modelling 02/03/2011
Christian Halvorsen, Statoil
Applications of Gamma Ray Spectroscopy – From Inner Earth to Outer Space 02/02/2011
Richard Leech, Schlumberger
From Monte Carlo to Bayes Theory: The Role of Uncertainty in Petrophysics 05/01/2011
Simon Stromberg, Senergy
Evaluation of Residual Oil Saturation in a Large Carbonate Field 01/12/2010
Patrick Hogarty, Principal Petrophysicist, Dong energy Norge AS
Determining the Oil-Water Contact While Drilling above the Transition Zone in Long Horizontal Wells: Combining 4D Seismic and Advanced Resistivity Geosteering for Improved Wellbore Placement 01/09/2010
Alf E. Berle, Baker Hughes
Bed Boundary Mapping Tools 02/06/2010
Matthew Spotkaeff, Schlumberger
NMR status in ConocoPhillips and Review of an LWD-NMR log run in OBM 05/05/2010
Mehmet Fidan, ConocoPhillips Norge
Directional Resistivity Measurements - Experience from Statoil 07/04/2010
Per Atle Olsen, Statoil
Stress estimation using shear radial profiles: North Sea Case Study 03/05/2010
Adam Donald, Schlumberger
Carbonate/Fractured Reservoirs: Highlighting Draining Features (Pipe-Layers & Pipe-Channels) Based on Borehole Image Analyses 03/02/2010
Dr Abdelkader SAADALLAH, SaadGeo
Abstract measurement of formation permeability using stoneley waves from an LWD acoustic tool 06/01/2010
Tor Eiane, Baker Hughes
Real-time Integration of Reservoir Modeling and Formation Testing 02/12/2009
Adriaan Gisolf, Schlumberger
Petrophysical Evaluation in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union 07/10/2009
Alan Sibbit, Schlumberger
Rapid mineral analysis using the SpecCam imaging spectrometer 02/09/2009
Dr Gavin Hunt, Spectra-Map
Application of semi-permeable membrane gas extraction to surface logging formation evaluation 06/05/2009
Douglas Law, Product Line Manager, Weatherford
The Value Added from Proper Core Analysis 01/04/2009
Odd Hjelmeland, Reservoir Laboratories AS
The Accurate Evaluation of 3-Phase Fluid Saturations in Cased Wellbores: A New Methodology Applied To the Algyo Field, Hungary 04/03/2009
Saloua Tiar (Baker Atlas) – (presenter), Veronica Pipics, Ilona Vegane (MOL), Roberto Nardiello, Fabio Brambilla
Rock Physics in Complex Mineralogy: A Comparison of Shear Wave Prediction Models for Rock Physics 04/02/2009
Erik Alvarez and Jonathan Hall of Senergy Ltd.
Pore Pressure Profile Modelling - for exploration prospectivity and well planning. (Skulduggery or Science ?) 07/01/2009
Ray Pratt – Nexen (presenter), Tim Herrett – Rose Trent, Peter Stone – Rose Trent.
Geo-Mechanics (Petrophysicists Under Stress) 05/11/2008
The Use of LWD Magnetic Resonance and Image Logs for Reservoir Characterisation and Geosteering in Deepwater West of Shetland 01/10/2008
John Fletcher, BP Exploration, Aberdeen, Graham Eaton, BP Exploration, Aberdeen, Roy Greig, INTEQ, Aberdeen
Identification and Qualification of Shale Annular Barriers using Wireline Logs during Plug and Abandon Operations 03/09/2008
Stephen Mark Williams, StatoilHydro AS
Dance me through the end of the pore 07/05/2008
Rune M Holt, NTNU & SINTEF and Pål-Eric Øren, Numerical Rocks
The Importance of Compaction Logging 02/04/2008
Neal Nagel (CoP), Marc Hettema (StatoilHydro), Tron Kristiansen (BP), and Ian Stockden (BP) *
LWD Azimuthal Density Logging in Liverpool Bay, UK as an aid to completion planning via fault and fracture detection 05/03/2008
Dr. Giancarlo Rizzi, Task Geoscience Ltd.
QC and Interpretation of LWD Density Logs 06/02/2008
Rob Askew, Halliburton, Sperry Drilling Services
Use of Direct Measurements of Minimum Horizontal Stress for Field Development 09/01/2008
Vladislav Achourov, Schlumberger
Use of Pressure Data in Reservoir Characterization with Examples from Fields in Production 05/12/2007
Torunn Svindland, EnVision
A Geoscience Tool for Rapid, Automated Analysis of Ditch Cuttings 07/11/2007
Wendy Kitson and Matthew Power, Intellection U.K. Ltd.
Correlation and Sedimentary Steering to maximize well placement certainty in mature reservoirs while drilling 03/10/2007
Dr Jeremy (Jez) Lofts, 2007 SPWLA distinguished speaker
Data Acquisition and Log Evaluation in High Density Cesium Formate Fluids 05/09/2007
Erik S. Pedersen, Statoil
Ula Field-life after the Flood: Core and Log Experience from behind a Maturing WAG Front 06/06/2007
Simon Thomas, Jonathan Duncan, BP Norway
Reservoir Drill-in Fluids Qualification and Selection 02/05/2007
Ole Iacob Prebensen, M-I SWACO
Roles and Responsibilities in Oil Data Acquisition and Interpretation 28/03/2007
Philippe Theys, consultant
Borehole Acoustic Reflection Survey for High Resolution Imaging 07/03/2007
Rune Thorsen, Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services
Overcoming Changing Multiphase Flow Behaviour along Horizontal Sections 07/02/2007
Synnøve Eriksen (*) and Øyvind Midttveit, Hydro Oil and Energy
Operational Procedures and Methodology for Improving LWD and WL Depth Control, Kristin Field 03/01/2007
Bengt K. Pedersen and Monica Vik Constable, Statoil
The Role of Formation Evaluation in Modern Well Stimulation Design 06/12/2006
Mark Norris, Schlumberger
BEACON – Remote operations and enhanced real time wellbore placement through evolving LWD technologies. 01/11/2006
Arve K. Thorsen, Baker Hughes INTEQ
Petrophysical re-evaluation of the Statfjord and Lunde formations on the Snorre field. Determination of net reservoir. 04/10/2006
Christian Erik Halvorsen, Statoil
Seismics While Drilling - Field Test Results 06/09/2006
Morten H. Dethloff, Halliburton
Petrophysics for Field Development and Production Monitoring 14/06/2006
FPWD Results and Comparison to Wireline Formation Pressures 03/05/2006
Alan McHardy,Petrophysical Eng., Norske Shell AS
Vilje, a little sandstone reservoir in the North Sea –from discovery to well planning 05/04/2006
Ingrid Piene, Advisor, Petrophysics, Norsk Hydro ASA