Evaluating Pore Space Connectivity by NMR Diffusive Coupling 2015-05-06
Giovanna Carneiro (Schlumberger-Doll Research), SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer
The Petrophysics Elephant in the Geomechanics Room 2015-04-08
Colin McPhee, Senergy Energy Services
Attenuation-Based Quantitative Cement Bond Index with LWD Sonic: A Novel Approach Applicable to all Casing and Cement Cases 2015-03-04
Marcelo Cecena, Acoustic Domain Champion, Schlumberger
Net pay Optimization and Improved Reservoir Mapping From Ultra-Deep Look Around LWD Measurements 2015-02-04
Frank Antonsen, Statoil
Extra-deep Azimuthal Resistivity Technology 2015-01-07
David Selvåg Larsen, Baker Hughes
Quantifying Bypassed Pay 2014-12-03
Amitabha Chatterjee, Schlumberger
Cement Plus Shale Bond Evaluation: The Draugen Well Abandonment Story 2014-10-01
Vanessa Mendoza Barrón, Snr. Petrophysicist, Norske Shell
A New Wireline Formation Tester – Case Studies from the Norwegian Continental Shelf 2014-09-03
Thomas Pfeiffer, Schlumberger
An approach to evaluating carbonate successions that helps to mitigate the uncertainly associated with up-scaling environmental interpretations while forging better links with electrofacies and geomodelling 2014-01-08
Quintin Davies, Senergy
A Petrophysical Potpourri 2013-10-02
Torbjörn Carlson, A/S Norske Shell
Mutipole LWD Sonic – Shear Slowness Estimation by Inversion of Borehole Quadrupole Mode 2013-09-04
Michiko Hamada, Senior Petrophysicist, Schlumberger
Data acquisition and interpretation challenges on the Johan Sverdrup Field 2013-06-05
Sven Erik Foyn, Lundin
Advances in Deep Directional Resistivity 2013-05-08
Christophe Dupuis, Schlumberger
“Diamonds in the Noise” – Treasures Lurking in Acoustic Data 2013-04-03
Jennifer Market, Senergy
Dielectric Measurements - New Answers to the Table 2013-03-06
Amitabha Chatterjee, Schlumberger
Neutron-Gamma Density (NGD): Principles, Field Test Results And Log Quality Control Of A Radioisotope-Free Bulk Density Measurement 2013-02-06
Nicole Reichel, Schlumberger, 2013 SPWLA Europe-based distinguished speaker
NMR: A refresher! 2013-01-08
Edmund Smith, Baker Hughes
Formation Evaluation in High Angle and Horizontal Wells – A New and Practical Workflow 2012-12-05
David Maggs, Schlumberger
Carbonate Petrophysics in Wells drilled with Oil Base Mud 2012-10-03
Austin Boyd, Schlumberger, SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer
Petrophysical examples from the Gjøa Field 2012-09-05
Matthew G. Reppert, GDF
The impact of biased LWD data propagated through nonbiased WL models 2012-06-06
Yngve Johansen, Statoil
Density; How it is Derived , Uncertainties and Influence on Porosity Evaluation 2012-05-02
Arve K. Thorsen, Baker Hughes
Well-Site Chemostratigraphy - Applications of inorganic element geochemistry while drilling 2012-04-11
Christian Scheibe, Halliburton - Sperry Drilling
Fluid Profiling – Reducing Subsurface Uncertainties 2012-03-07
Thomas Pfeiffer, Schlumberger
Innovative Solution for Optimising Drilling Performance and Wellbore Stability: Western Desert, Egypt 2012-02-01
Philip McCurdy, Senergy
Optimizing data acquisition program and well preparation for logging HTHP wells 2012-01-04
Arne Holvik, Statoil
Pore pressure evolution and core damage: a computational fluid dynamics approach 2011-12-07
Izaskun Zubizarreta. Senergy
NFES – 1 Day Seminar, 2011 - Petrophysics in Mature Fields – Challenge or Triviality? 2011-11-02
Applications of Accurate In-Situ Fluid Analysis in the North Sea 2011-10-05
Vladislav Achourov, Schlumberger
Seismic while drilling - Bringing new value to drilling and processing 2011-09-07
Nils Edwards, Baker Hughes
Invasion effects and characterization of LWD technology in CsK drilling fluids 2011-06-01
Arve K. Thorsen, Baker Hughes
The use of LWD Spectroscopy and Sourceless density in an Underground Gas Storage Field in Italy 2011-05-04
Marit Kongslien, Schlumberger
Formation Damage – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where 2011-04-06
Michael Byrne, Senergy
Sw - From Resistivity Logs or Core Capillary Pressure Data to a Saturation-Height Function (SHF) - a Short Review of a Few Issues Relating to Sw Estimation, QCing, and Modelling 2011-03-02
Christian Halvorsen, Statoil
Applications of Gamma Ray Spectroscopy – From Inner Earth to Outer Space 2011-02-02
Richard Leech, Schlumberger
From Monte Carlo to Bayes Theory: The Role of Uncertainty in Petrophysics 2011-01-05
Simon Stromberg, Senergy
Evaluation of Residual Oil Saturation in a Large Carbonate Field 2010-12-01
Patrick Hogarty, Principal Petrophysicist, Dong energy Norge AS
Determining the Oil-Water Contact While Drilling above the Transition Zone in Long Horizontal Wells: Combining 4D Seismic and Advanced Resistivity Geosteering for Improved Wellbore Placement 2010-09-01
Alf E. Berle, Baker Hughes
Bed Boundary Mapping Tools 2010-06-02
Matthew Spotkaeff, Schlumberger
NMR status in ConocoPhillips and Review of an LWD-NMR log run in OBM 2010-05-05
Mehmet Fidan, ConocoPhillips Norge
Directional Resistivity Measurements - Experience from Statoil 2010-04-07
Per Atle Olsen, Statoil
Stress estimation using shear radial profiles: North Sea Case Study 2010-05-03
Adam Donald, Schlumberger
Carbonate/Fractured Reservoirs: Highlighting Draining Features (Pipe-Layers & Pipe-Channels) Based on Borehole Image Analyses 2010-02-03
Dr Abdelkader SAADALLAH, SaadGeo
Abstract measurement of formation permeability using stoneley waves from an LWD acoustic tool 2010-01-06
Tor Eiane, Baker Hughes
Real-time Integration of Reservoir Modeling and Formation Testing 2009-12-02
Adriaan Gisolf, Schlumberger
Petrophysical Evaluation in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union 2009-10-07
Alan Sibbit, Schlumberger
Rapid mineral analysis using the SpecCam imaging spectrometer 2009-09-02
Dr Gavin Hunt, Spectra-Map
Application of semi-permeable membrane gas extraction to surface logging formation evaluation 2009-05-06
Douglas Law, Product Line Manager, Weatherford
The Value Added from Proper Core Analysis 2009-04-01
Odd Hjelmeland, Reservoir Laboratories AS
The Accurate Evaluation of 3-Phase Fluid Saturations in Cased Wellbores: A New Methodology Applied To the Algyo Field, Hungary 2009-03-04
Saloua Tiar (Baker Atlas) – (presenter), Veronica Pipics, Ilona Vegane (MOL), Roberto Nardiello, Fabio Brambilla
Rock Physics in Complex Mineralogy: A Comparison of Shear Wave Prediction Models for Rock Physics 2009-02-04
Erik Alvarez and Jonathan Hall of Senergy Ltd.
Pore Pressure Profile Modelling - for exploration prospectivity and well planning. (Skulduggery or Science ?) 2009-01-07
Ray Pratt – Nexen (presenter), Tim Herrett – Rose Trent, Peter Stone – Rose Trent.
Geo-Mechanics (Petrophysicists Under Stress) 2008-11-05
The Use of LWD Magnetic Resonance and Image Logs for Reservoir Characterisation and Geosteering in Deepwater West of Shetland 2008-10-01
John Fletcher, BP Exploration, Aberdeen, Graham Eaton, BP Exploration, Aberdeen, Roy Greig, INTEQ, Aberdeen
Identification and Qualification of Shale Annular Barriers using Wireline Logs during Plug and Abandon Operations 2008-09-03
Stephen Mark Williams, StatoilHydro AS
Dance me through the end of the pore 2008-05-07
Rune M Holt, NTNU & SINTEF and Pål-Eric Øren, Numerical Rocks
The Importance of Compaction Logging 2008-04-02
Neal Nagel (CoP), Marc Hettema (StatoilHydro), Tron Kristiansen (BP), and Ian Stockden (BP) *
LWD Azimuthal Density Logging in Liverpool Bay, UK as an aid to completion planning via fault and fracture detection 2008-03-05
Dr. Giancarlo Rizzi, Task Geoscience Ltd.
QC and Interpretation of LWD Density Logs 2008-02-06
Rob Askew, Halliburton, Sperry Drilling Services
Use of Direct Measurements of Minimum Horizontal Stress for Field Development 2008-01-09
Vladislav Achourov, Schlumberger
Use of Pressure Data in Reservoir Characterization with Examples from Fields in Production 2007-12-05
Torunn Svindland, EnVision
A Geoscience Tool for Rapid, Automated Analysis of Ditch Cuttings 2007-11-07
Wendy Kitson and Matthew Power, Intellection U.K. Ltd.
Correlation and Sedimentary Steering to maximize well placement certainty in mature reservoirs while drilling 2007-10-03
Dr Jeremy (Jez) Lofts, 2007 SPWLA distinguished speaker
Data Acquisition and Log Evaluation in High Density Cesium Formate Fluids 2007-09-05
Erik S. Pedersen, Statoil
Ula Field-life after the Flood: Core and Log Experience from behind a Maturing WAG Front 2007-06-06
Simon Thomas, Jonathan Duncan, BP Norway
Reservoir Drill-in Fluids Qualification and Selection 2007-05-02
Ole Iacob Prebensen, M-I SWACO
Roles and Responsibilities in Oil Data Acquisition and Interpretation 2007-03-28
Philippe Theys, consultant
Borehole Acoustic Reflection Survey for High Resolution Imaging 2007-03-07
Rune Thorsen, Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services
Overcoming Changing Multiphase Flow Behaviour along Horizontal Sections 2007-02-07
Synnøve Eriksen (*) and Øyvind Midttveit, Hydro Oil and Energy
Operational Procedures and Methodology for Improving LWD and WL Depth Control, Kristin Field 2007-01-03
Bengt K. Pedersen and Monica Vik Constable, Statoil
The Role of Formation Evaluation in Modern Well Stimulation Design 2006-12-06
Mark Norris, Schlumberger
BEACON – Remote operations and enhanced real time wellbore placement through evolving LWD technologies. 2006-11-01
Arve K. Thorsen, Baker Hughes INTEQ
Petrophysical re-evaluation of the Statfjord and Lunde formations on the Snorre field. Determination of net reservoir. 2006-10-04
Christian Erik Halvorsen, Statoil
Seismics While Drilling - Field Test Results 2006-09-06
Morten H. Dethloff, Halliburton
Petrophysics for Field Development and Production Monitoring 2006-06-14
FPWD Results and Comparison to Wireline Formation Pressures 2006-05-03
Alan McHardy,Petrophysical Eng., Norske Shell AS
Vilje, a little sandstone reservoir in the North Sea –from discovery to well planning 2006-04-05
Ingrid Piene, Advisor, Petrophysics, Norsk Hydro ASA