Stavanger Monthly Meeting

The next Stavanger monthly meeting will be at 11:00 on Wednesday the 4th of February 2015, at the Solastranden Gård

Net pay Optimization and Improved Reservoir Mapping From Ultra-Deep Look Around LWD Measurements

by Frank Antonsen, Statoil

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Dear NFES member

If you haven't paid for 2015 yet, please pay your dues asap (NOK 500) if you want to continue receiving our monthly invitations.

We want to emphasise that the dues are still very low and cover about the cost of one single lunch.

Finally, we would kindly ask members who haven't paid dues yet to refrain from attending the lunches until the dues have been paid.

On behalf of the NFES Board,
Thanks and best regards,
Alv Aanestad
NFES VP Membership