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2016 General Assembly (Årsmøte)

The 2016 General Assembly will be held at 10:00 on Wednesday the 1st of June 2016, before the monthly meeting.


  • Financial status – Torunn
  • Election of Board 2016-17
    Suggested board members:
    Position 2015/16 2016/17 Suggestion Duration
    President Arve K. Thorsen Mathias Horstmann 1 year
    VP Program Mathias Horstmann David Selvaag Larsen 2 Years
    VP Membership Alv Aanestad Alv Aanestad 1 Year
    VP Sponsorship Elin Solfjell Elin Solfjell 2 Years
    VP Finance Torunn Hana Torunn Hana 2 Years
    VP Public Relations Robert Askew Robert Askew 2 Years
    VP Technology Erlend Kveinen New from Statoil 2 Years
    Past President Arve K. Thorsen 1 year
  • SPWLA 2016 Symposium – Status
  • Any Other Business

Stavanger Monthly Meeting

The next Stavanger monthly meeting will be at 11:00 on Wednesday the First of June 2016, at the Solastranden Gård.

Optimized geosteering through the use of Extra Deep Resistivity and Broadband Seismic

by Mats Bjorndal Skaug, Total

[read more]

NFES Field Trip

The planned NFES Field Trip to Iceland, is scheduled for the Thursday and Friday (30th June and 1st July), after the SPWLA 2016 Symposium in Reykjavik.

Field trip leaders will be Thor Thordarson and Ármann Höskuldsson from the University of Iceland.

The Field Guide is available here.PDF

The total number of participants is limited upwards to 14, on a first come first serve basis, starting on Monday, April 13th (i.e. earlier sign-ups will be discarded). Sign-up deadline is set to Thursday, April 23rd.

Cost (including travel and diet) is expected to be within a total of max. 14 kNOK per person, of which 2 kNOK will be sponsored by NFES. All participants will have to be NFES 2015 paying members.

Please note that any sign-up will not be considered valid until an accompanying payment of a NOK 1000 deposit has been made to the NFES bank account,
P.O. Box 561 Madla
Account No. 3206.17.03119
Please mark your payment with your name & 'Field Trip 2016 (IMPORTANT!!) and DON’T FORGET to send the details immediately to alv•aanestad  at  no-epi•engie•com, confirming the transaction, thus ensuring a rapid and necessary registration of your payment and sign-up. The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice which will be sent out after the trip. More details will be distributed to the participants at a later stage. If you have questions re. the field trip please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dear NFES member

If you haven't paid for 2016 yet, please pay your dues asap (NOK 500) if you want to continue receiving our monthly invitations.

We want to emphasise that the dues are still very low and cover about the cost of one single lunch.

Finally, we would kindly ask members who haven't paid dues yet to refrain from attending the lunches until the dues have been paid.

On behalf of the NFES Board,
Thanks and best regards,
Alv Aanestad
NFES VP Membership