Stavanger Monthly Meeting

The next Stavanger monthly meeting will be at 11:00 on Wednesday the 2nd of September 2015, at the Solastranden Gård.

Lifting the Fog of Confusion Surrounding Clay and Shale in Petrophysics

by Paul Spooner, LR Senergy

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NFES Field Trip

The planned NFES Field Trip to Crotone, Calabria, Italy, is scheduled for the period of 17th through 21st September (Thursday through Monday), 2015.

Field trip guides will be Massimiliano Ghinassi, University of Padova, and Claudia Guargena, Spike Exploration, who will take us through a very interesting agenda. As before, the program will comprise a mix of geology, history, and culture, as well as the inherent social aspect.

Crotone Neogene-Quaternary Extensional Basin

The Crotone Basin formed in the late Neogene to Quaternary as a forearc basin of the Ionian arc-trench system. The geologic evolution of the Crotone Basin was characterized by an alternation of long-lived stages of extension-transtension expressed by prolonged subsidence preceded by uplift pulses, and short-lived episodes of contraction-transpression. This evolution caused partitioning of the main basin into separate sub-basins subject to differential subsidence and mutual displacements.

The basin-fill succession consists of five tectono-stratigraphic sequences spanning in age from Tortonian to Pleistocene. They include deposits accumulated in a wide variety of siliciclastic depositional environments, spanning from fluvial to deep marine. Deposits are not cemented and the primary sedimentary structure along with textural properties can be observed and discussed. Detailed stratigraphic correlations stemmed out from numerous high-resolution studies allow for observation of along-strike and downdip facies changes of different depositional systems. Paramount outcrops show spectacular examples of sin-tectonic sedimentation, which can also be observed at seismic scale, see photos a & b below.

Field Trip

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